Company Contract Training

Class A CDL Training

Our CDL school offers several types of training for companies looking to train employees, individuals looking to upgrade from a Class B CDL, and Hot Shot Truckers.

Contact us for more information on one-on-one training with our CDL instructors, who are all seasoned trucking industry professionals.*

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personalized training

We pride ourselves on offering one-on-one behind-the-wheel training with our instructors.

affordable pricing

Our pricing is very affordable and geared towards aspiring drivers who are looking to get their CDL quickly, outside of a traditional CDL school.

flexible scheduling

We are flexible and can work around your schedule by training in mornings, weekdays, or even weekends.

Customized Pricing packages

We can customize any training package to your needs and skill level.


We offer different levels of CDL training depending on your experience for Class A or Class B commercial driver’s licenses.

*Enrollment fee for a la carte CDL Training and Program Testing is $85.00 (covers Drug Screen and MVR)

Class A

(Company Contract Training)

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FAQs: What's your Question?

To utilize Company Contract Training you need to work for a company that is paying for your CDL or own your own company, which would be taking on paying for the CDL. Ultimately, it is a different program specific to an employee of a company and there are different requirements than the CDL School Training.

The time you start will be completely dependent on your availability and our CDL Instructor availability. We are very flexible and can usually meet tight deadlines, but there are factors that could delay the training process.

You should be able to complete your training and get your CDL within 30 days of your final sign-up and enrollment. This means you are completely paid up, we have all necessary documentation (Physical, Drug Test, MVR, etc.) and are able to put you on the training schedule.

Other Company Contract Training Options

We offer Company Contract Training allowing you to optimize your CDL training. It is affordable and flexible to fit in your schedule on your terms and can be on-site at your company or at our training facility. It is offered in groups or on an individual basis. Get your Class A CDL, Class B CDL, or ask about Hotshot training. 

Hot Shot Class A CDL

Hot Shot Class A CDLs will most likely apply to individuals who are starting their own Hot Shot Trucking Company.

Upgrade Class B CDL

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If you have a Class B CDL and want a Class A CDL, upgrading your CDL is an easy way to get you to the next level.

Individuals needing a CDL?

CDL School Diploma Programs

Our cost-effective, high-quality training program offers the best and cheapest training with our CDL Class A – Proficiency Program and CDL Class A – Hot Shot Program that will have you ready to start your own company or get any trucking job you want.

Company Contract vs. CDL School

Company Contract vs. CDL School

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