3rd Party CDL Testing can reduce persisting delays During Pandemic

3rd Party CDL Testing can reduce persisting delays

CLP and CDL testing delays continue

Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA) estimates that the United States will produce less than 60% of the drivers it has in previous years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to their recent survey in August, driver’s license agencies are facing significant delays in issuing physical learner permits and conducting CDL knowledge tests or CDL skills tests.

“Delays in obtaining CLP appointments range from two weeks to 90 days in at least 15 states, with most averaging between 30- and 60-day delays. Other states’ delays have similar extensive wait times, but these delays are more regional or even local in scope,” according to CVTA President Don Lefeve.

Based on the survey, the significant delays center around a few main issues, including:

  • states who prohibit schools from third-party testing
  • states using online appointment systems as opposed to walk-ins, or
  • use third-party testing, but have not adopted the FMCSA CLP waiver, which allows third-party testers to administer the knowledge test.

Another potential delay goes back to the online appointment system. After passing their skills test a student is required to schedule another online appointment to obtain their physical CDL.

Not all states are facing CDL testing delays

According to the CVTA survey, states that allow 3rd party CDL testing are not seeing significant or even moderate delays.

CNS Driver Training Center (DTC)–based in Lititz, Pennsylvania–is located in a 3rd party testing state and has not skipped a beat since businesses were permitted to reopen during the pandemic.

Our trainers are first class as we offer 1-on-1 training provided for different industry drivers looking to further their careers. Our training includes a CDL Permit Preparation Course designed to prepare drivers for the written portion of the CDL permit test and CDL training for Class A and Class B licenses.

CNS Driver Training Center caters to those who are  unable to do full class days by working around your schedule to give you time blocks available throughout the day.

We believe the best training experience offers the ability to practice with a sufficient amount of hands-on  coaching, providing you with the confidence to refine your weak areas until you have mastered them.

Our equipment includes:

  • Western Star (Manual) (Air Brakes)
  • Freightliner (Manual) (Air Brakes)
  • Ford 250 (Goose Neck Hitch)
  • IC School Bus (Air Brakes)
  • 52′ Dry Van
  • Low Boy Trailer
  • Goose Neck Trailer

What is required before starting CDL training?

  • You need a DOT physical exam to obtain your medical card
  • You need to obtain your CDL permit
  • Motor Vehicle Record (included in our training package)
  • Drug test (included in our training package)

Do you have questions about our CDL training packages, schedules, or experience? Give our trainers a call at 717.496.9145.

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Monthly Newsletter

May 18, 2024

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