CNS Driver Training Center is the First 1-on-1 Class A and Hotshot CDL School in PA

CNS Driver Training Center is the First 1-on-1 Class A and Hotshot CDL School in PA

Receive the best training in all of PA!

CNS Driver Training Center has been approved by the PA Department of Education as a certified school for two programs, our CDL Class A diploma program as well as our Hotshot Class A diploma program, which will be rolling out soon.

“We are the first 1-on-1 CDL program (92-course hours) to be approved in Pennsylvania. We are also the first CDL Hot Shot program (75-course hours) to be approved in PA and possibly the first in the United States. It is all about training high-quality CDL drivers in a better, more cost-effective way,” said John Irwin, CEO of CNS Companies.

Typically, truck driving schools cost between $5,000 and $10,000. This is expensive for both the student and employer!

CNS Driver Training Center, on the other hand, offers first-class 1-on-1 CDL training tailored to your needs and, depending on your experience, at 30% to 70% off the price of big CDL schools.

CNS Driver Training Center is disrupting the way CDL Training is being done in Pennsylvania and across the nation.

With the new ELDT rule, driver trainees must demonstrate “proficiency” by passing theory curriculum with a score 80% or higher before taking the CDL test.

As an ELDT certified training location, we are one of the first to offer 40% of the required theory knowledge online.

Mr. Irwin also expressed his gratitude toward staff members for their commitment to obtaining this approval. “I can’t tell you all the hard work that was put in to get us this approval, but it was a lot of hours from a lot of staff. I am proud of all CNS Driver Training Center staff as we are ahead of our competition.”

Receive Best-In-Class CDL Training at CNS Driver Training Center

Now is the time to receive 1-on-1 CDL training with CNS Driver Training Center and get your CDL license.

Learn more about all levels of truck driver training, testing and CDL permit test preparation that we offer at our CNS Driver Training Center.

Don’t just take our word for it. With over seventy 5-Star Reviews, we have a proven track record.

“From the first phone call to schedule the training to when I walked out with my permit stamped “passed” everyone was nothing but professional and VERY helpful. They were able to schedule my training and test in a way that worked perfect for my job and home life. I had the pleasure of working with three different instructors Daryl, Jeff and Sherry. Each one of them brought their own real-world knowledge and experience to the table and by the end of day three I was 100 times more confident then when I walked in the door. I recommend this program to anyone who needs that one-on-one instruction and needs a flexible schedule.”

Tom DeWess

“I highly recommend this CDL training facility! From day one with talking to McKenna having her inform me on what I need to do and what to expect and getting my classes scheduled to a schedule that worked for me, To Daryl and CJ for being my instructors, both are very knowledgeable and nice to work with, CJ being my main instructor, he is a great guy and very good at what he does, sharing real life scenarios that help in teaching you all you need to know to pass your CDL tests, I credit his patience and style of teaching for me passing my test as well as I did. Jeff was great as an examiner, very professional and easy to get along with. Everyone I had the pleasure of dealing with at CNS , I rate 5 stars.”

David Horst

If you have questions about our CDL training packages, give us a call at 717-496-9145 or email us at

We also offer company sponsored contract training

Employers interested in our contract training can talk to a company representative on what needs you may have, such as taking advantage of our one-on-one training or adding drug testing and DOT physicals for your pre-employment process.

We tailor our training to you and your employee’s availability. Typically, this consists of:

  • 7 to 8 sessions in 4–5-hour increments. We find with most trainees can complete our program in as little as a few weeks, depending upon training availability.
  • One of our company representatives will walk you through our theory and behind the wheel training as required by the FMCSA ELDT rule. We have flexibility regarding the theory knowledge portion of the program, it can be completed online or in classroom sessions.
  • Once theory knowledge is complete, the employee will move on to one-on-one behind the wheel training.
  • Once the employee shows the proficiency and passes all requirements, they will be able to take the test in the same truck they trained in with one of our certified 3rd party examiners.

Our program can be tailored to your specifications, from equipment to time frames.

If you interested in group training, we can accommodate that as well.

If you have questions, give us a call at 717-496-9145 or email us at You can also stop by the office at 151 Koser Rd in Lititz PA.

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Monthly Newsletter

May 18, 2024

Watch the most recent episode for a Quick Trucking News Update