What Happens Now With ELDT Rule In Effect?

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The ELDT rule is now live. If you have a CDL permit already, fill out a form below and we can get you scheduled with our CDL training program without the ELDT extra requirements.

The Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) rule, which was implemented on February 7, 2022, establishes new minimum training requirements for individuals who want to:

  • obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • upgrade a CDL, or
  • obtain a passenger (P), school bus (S) or hazardous materials (H) endorsement

Under these new requirements, an entry-level driver must successfully complete a prescribed program of theory and behind-the-wheel instruction.

Prior to taking the knowledge test or the state administered CDL skills or hazmat endorsement tests, training must be provided by an entity listed on FMCSA’s Training Provider Registry (TPR).

Is it difficult to get a CDL license?

As of February 7, 2022, entry-level CDL trainees will have much stricter requirements for obtaining their CDL.

If you received your CDL permit before Feb 7, now is the time to receive one-on-one CDL training and get your CDL license before the permit expires or you would have to take training with the 2022 changes.

For companies who want entry-level truckers trained, now is the time to start preparing for the new law and getting drivers in a training program.

The new rules will require an entry-level driver to complete a prescribed program of theory and behind-the-wheel instruction from a school or other entity listed on FMCSA’s TPR before taking their CDL test.

Only approved training providers are authorized to deliver ELDT.

What are the new requirements to obtain a CDL license?

  • CDL school requirements: The minimum standards and requirements for CDL schools will be set at a federal level, as opposed to being set by each state.
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) management: CDL schools must record and report hours behind the wheel (no federal minimum) to DOT.
  • Schools must register and self-certify: Schools can self-certify instructors. Individual instructors may have to register with the DOT depending on the state.
  • CDL driving instructor requirements: Driving instructors are required to have a minimum of 2 years driving experience, a clean motor vehicle record and a medical certification for classroom, on the road and private range instruction.
  • Increase in curriculum mandates:
    1. DOT requires 31 theory course topics instead of the original four knowledge topics, which will be accompanied by 19 mandated behind-the-wheel (BTW) skills, that will be tested with vehicle inspection skills at the state department of motor vehicles.
    2. The new Training Provider Registry (TPR) will require CDL schools to apply to join, starting February 7, 2022.

Learn more about all levels of truck driver training that we offer at our CNS Driver Training Center.

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