You Can Receive Out-of-State CDL Training with Home State CDL Permit

You Can Receive Out-of-State CDL Training with Home State CDL Permit - CDL school news

At CNS Driving Training Center, we are unique in offering one-on-one CDL training with some of the best CDL trainers in the state of Pennsylvania. Our training packages are affordable, flexible, and convenient for Class A and Class B CDL Testing,which uses our equipment for your convenience.

We are often asked by out-of-state individuals and companies in Texas, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, and others, if they can receive CDL training from us using their current Commercial Learners Permit (CLP).

The simple answer is yes, we can train and test anyone from another state when you come to us with your out-of-state (paper) temporary commercial learners permit.

In many states like Texas, a CLP is valid for 180 days or when your state driver license expires, whichever comes first.

In Pennsylvania, as well as many other states, there is a minimum waiting period of 15 days required from the date the permit is issued until the scheduled date of your class A, B, or C skills test and you have three tries on that permit to pass the skills test(s).

After completing the test, our staff will submit the results to the state of Pennsylvania who will then transfer it to the correct state by electronically transmitting it via the AAMVA CSTIMS portal. Once the results are received and processed by your home state’s DMV, they will then issue you a CDL in your home state.

What does the FMCSA Say Regarding “The State of domicile”?

In 2015, the FMCSA established 49 CFR Part 383.79 that states, “The State of domicile [your home state] of a CDL applicant must accept the results of a driving skills test administered to the applicant by any other State, in accordance with subparts FG, and H of this part, in fulfillment of the applicant’s testing requirements under § 383.71, and the State’s test administration requirements under § 383.73.”

It was later clarified in 2017 that states of domicile may (but are not required to) accept knowledge test results from other States in the same manner, provided there is an agreement between the testing State and the applicant’s State of domicile.

This guidance does not mean a State is allowed to issue a CLP or CDL to an individual who is not domiciled in that State. Both the CLP and the CDL must be issued by your home state, as required by 49 U.S.C. 31311(a)(12)(A).

Steps to obtain your CDL License with out-of-state CDL training and testing

  1. You need to take the written test for your CDL Permit in your home state.
  2. After you obtain your CDL Permit at home: you can travel to another state for CDL Training or Skills Test while your home state CLP is still valid.
  3. You will take the CDL skills test in their state.
  4. You will then go home to obtain your CDL license as the passing results of your skills test are transmitted via the AAMVA CSTIMS portal from the out of state testing agency to your home state’s DMV who then issue you a CDL in your home state. Note: Your home state is required to issue a CDL based upon the test results from another State.

Knowledge Test Authorization (KTA) document is not a driving permit

A Knowledge Test Authorization (KTA) is a document similar in appearance to a learner’s permit. However, the KTA itself cannot be used like a learner’s permit to operate a vehicle.

The sole purpose of the KTA is to indicate the CDL classes, endorsements and restriction removals requested by an applicant, and provide the applicant the opportunity to take their knowledge test(s) at a Driver License Center. This document must be presented when taking the knowledge test(s).

It is only after knowledge testing is successfully completed, that an actual CDL Learner’s Permit is issued. A Knowledge Test Authorization is not a driving permit and cannot be used to practice driving skills.

The KTA is valid for one year from the date of issuance and gives you three tries on that particular KTA to pass the knowledge test(s).

The applicant has one year to pass all knowledge and skills tests in order to obtain their CDL. 

Active-duty military service members

“Upon prior agreement with the State of domicile, a State where active-duty military service members are stationed, but not domiciled, may accept an application for a CLP or CDL, including an application for waiver of the knowledge test or driving skills test prescribed in §§ 383.23(a)(1) and 383.25(a)(3), from such a military service member.”

Additionally, Act 133 of 2008 allows PennDOT to waive the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Skills Test for Pennsylvania residents who are active or reserve duty military or recent honorably discharged veterans. Provided those service members have at least two years’ experience operating a commercial motor vehicle as part of their military job requirements.

Military members and recently separated veterans must first apply for a CDL by completing a DL-31CD Form ,”Application to Add/Extend/Remove Commercial Driver’s License”, and return it to PennDOT along with the DL-11CD Self Certification Form and the applicable fee.

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