Company Contract Training

Our Company Contract Training can be utilized by companies looking to train drivers, company owners who want their CDL, or individuals starting their own company and needing a CDL to get started.

All training and pricing apply to Companies looking to train drivers or company owners looking to get their CDL.

Are you a company owner looking to get your CDL or train your drivers?

We offer Company Contract Training allowing you to optimize your CDL training. It is affordable and flexible to fit in your schedule on your terms and can be on-site at your company or at our training facility. It is offered in groups or on an individual basis. Get your Class A CDL, Class B CDL, or ask about Hotshot training. 

Company Contract Training
Your company must pay for you to get your CDL.

You will go through 40 hours of online classroom theory time, which you can complete at your own pace, and 25 hours of one-on-one behind the wheel training.

The process and steps are still basically the same after the ELDT Rule went into effect.

You first need to receive a DOT physical exam with our Occupational Medicine Division so that you can obtain a medical card, a requirement before getting your CDL. Our parent company, CNS Occupational Medicine offers DOT physicals and many other services required for trucking companies.

Prepare yourself for your CDL permit test. As an aspiring CDL driver, you need to study to get prepared for the written portion of the CDL test, which is a requirement before even starting CDL training.

The next step is to take your CDL permit test. In addition to what you learn during permit prep, our instructors will provide a practice test. The CDL permit practice test will be reviewed and is also available to be taken with you to further prepare.

After passing your CDL Permit Test you are able to begin CDL training, which we also offer. We offer all different types of training, so if you need more guidance or information, please contact us below or call us at 717.496.9145.

After our driving instructors feel comfortable that you have mastered all driving techniques and maneuvers, they will clear you to take your test and pass your CDL test.

Congratulations! At this point you should have your CDL and be able to get a job as a truck driver. If you need help with job placement, we can also help you out. We are connected to a lot of companies in the trucking industry and want you to be successful.

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